Welcome to the Maine Animal Coalition!

Since 1987, the Maine Animal Coalition an all volunteer organization, has worked to promote compassion towards all animals and to instill this compassion as a guiding principle in the State of Maine.

Maine Animal Coalition is dedicated to the elimination of animal abuse and exploitation through education, advocacy and example.

We do this by collaborating with amazing local organizations like Peace Ridge Sanctuary, Graze in Peace46 Million Turkeys, Delicious TV, and many more!

We also host events like our Veg Fest (every year!), and the sensational Internet Cat Video Festival. We also host speakers like Rescue Road author Peter Zheutlin, and Growl author Kim Stallwood.

Here’s more on what Maine Animal Coalition Does:

  • Supports advertising, referendums, and legislation to reduce animal suffering
  • Brings nationally known speakers to Maine to lecture on topics such as animal rights and vegetarianism (like those mentioned above)
  • Maintains an educational website that includes up-to-date information about animal welfare issues and events, vegetarian recipes and resources, activities for children, Maine animal laws and resources for cruelty free products
  • Publishes the Maine Animal Resource Guide, which is a 34 page booklet that helps Maine residents solve animal welfare related issues
  • Sponsors demonstrations against events in Maine that promote animal cruelty
  • Documents and reports animal cruelty to Maine’s Animal Welfare Program and local animal control officers
  • Provides local schools and libraries with literature about animal rights
  • On a daily basis answers the public’s questions about animal issues
  • Collaborates with national and other Maine animal organizations
  • Provides its members free of charge a subscription to VegNews Magazine

​Please join Maine Animal Coalition and help us create a community where our relationship with others, animals and humans, is guided by compassion, respect, and empathy.

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